The key to your happiness
Is the key to our success!


The 8 steps to follow in becoming an OWNER with our Real Estate Team that takes action!

  • Step 1A meeting with one of our mortgage specialists
    Start off right by talking with a mortgage specialist. It’ll help you determine if you are ready to buy or will give you tips to prepare yourself better to make a purchase.
  • Step 2The Budget
    Your mortgage specialist will help you determine the ideal budget for your home.
  • Step 3The property showings will be done according to your budget, needs and taste
    We will receive information from your specialist that will determine your budget. Afterwards, we begin an advanced property search which you would be interested in. According to this research, we determine which houses you are interested the most in and schedule showings according to your availability.
  • Step 4Heart blown! Make an offer.
    The ultimate goal for the purchase of your first or second property is to find your dream home. Our reputation is based on: The key to your happiness is the key to our success. We are real estate professionals and our success is to ensure that you find the key to your happiness, while respecting your budget and your specific needs. We find your dream home and we write offers with applicable conditions as well as negotiate the best possible price for your home.
  • Step 5The organization and planning of your move
    On our website you will find a Client Resources section that will guide you through the various website related links to your new neighborhood and your new purchase.
  • Step 6Getting a Home Insurance
    Browse and Shop for your home insurance for your new House. See our customer kit for some companies suggestions insurance.
  • Step 7Signing at the notary
    Meet your lawyer about a week before taking possession to finalize the final details of the deal.
  • Step 8Thank you life! You are now an OWNER!

Additional Services

We Specialize in military transfers

A transfer is a difficult military experience and can quickly become a daunting task, due to the process complexity. This is an important decision and a major change for you and your family. We are here to take your stress away and guide you in the search of a neighbourhood and a property for you and your loved ones. The key to your happiness is the key to our success.