The 8 steps to follow to get your property “SOLD”!

  • Step 1Reach out to our team

    Our real estate team is formed by us, Tina Chartrand and Mylène Giroux; Two business women in the Outaouais region.

    For several years, we specialize in real estate SALES and PURCHASES as well as RENTALS and NEW BUILT.

    From the first meeting you conduct with our team, you will enjoy our positive approach, professionalism, honesty and transparency.

    We are confident that you will benefit from a real estate transaction with professional support that will bring you full satisfaction.

    The key to your happiness is the key to our success!

  • Step 2Set a realistic price

    Our team will come to your property to provide you with a FREE property evalution. We will set a realistic price according to the current real estate market. Our work methodology uses several criteria; here are a few to help you understand the process assessment of your property.

    – Similar Comparables SOLD
    – Municipal valuation of your property
    – The price paid when you initially purchased it
    – Improvements and renovations made over time
    – The sum of money invested in your property (turnkey or updates to make)

    A price too high will discourage potential buyers and unnecessarily lengthen the delay of the sale of your property.

    That is why it is imperative to set a realistic and competitive selling price.

    Our goal is to obtain the maximum dollar amount for your property while respecting the supply and demand in the current market.

  • Step 3Intensive cleaning of your property
    Every owner should conduct a full cleaning of their house or condo before opening its door to potential visitors. Your whole property must be free of dust, dirt and odours. Remember that first impressions have a considerable impact on the perception that a potential buyer retains from his first visit.

  • Step 4Maximize the value of your property
    Take action and make your home cozy. To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, follow the golden rules of home staging, a development strategy of your property that has proved its evidence. Purify and depersonalize your décor, harmonize and refresh your interior, repair visible defects and bet on a sober and relaxing lighting. Your prospective buyers will appreciate it more if your house is clean, tidy and in good status once they visit it.

  • Step 5Creating an efficient marketing strategy
    We have a marketing director who is concerned to set an organized and efficient marketing campaing on various social networks; such as Facebook, Craigslist, Kiijiji, Google, and MLS Ottawa. When registering with our team, we have access to a professional photographer that enhances your property’s value in its best shape. Your property is found automatically on the Outaouais Real Estate Board, plus social networks where thousands of buyers browse online for their future home. Buyers always like to see and compare before making a move.

  • Step 6Showings
    One of the most exciting aspects of the sale of your home are showings. We call and inform you once a showing request for your property is made. You would then confirm the visit while you are happy with the request. Therefore, you are responsible for preparing your home; but do not worry, we will guide you by offering you tools and tips for selling your property successfully.

  • Step 7 Obtain a promise to purchase
    Once a buyer decides to purchase your home, they will make you an offer. Our team will review the offer with you and with our advice we will guide you in making the right decision: Accept the offer, Write a counter-offer or you can simply refuse the offer. The offer is written on a mandatory form entitled “Promised Purchase” and within the offer we will find the following: the name of the buyers, the sellers name, the price offer, the financing terms, the inclusions and exclusions, the inspection conditions, the possession date and all other requirements related to the purchase of your property.

  • Step 8Thank you life! Your property is sold
    Once you have ACCEPTED an offer from a buyer, there are some steps you need to do in order to make it OFFICIALLY SOLD. We ensure the smooth operation of each purchasing step as well as make sure that the conditions detailed in your purchase agreement be noted in the written notice of your offer. Buyers must provide an unconditionally funding letter and need to inspect the building. Once all the conditions have been met; buyers claim that they are satisfied and remove all financing and inspection conditions, your property is SOLD!

Additional Services

We Specialize in military transfers

we will evaluate your property for its so it is sold at a fair price. We have experience with Brookfield and
the monthly accounts rendered with advertising sites, such as kijjiji / Facebook / our personal website and with in order to sell your property quickly and efficiently so that you and your families maintain the energy to plan your moving / transfer and without having any added stress. The key to your happiness is the key to our success.